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Home Automation Installations

Smart home installation for convenience, security and energy efficiency.

Home automation, also called a smart home, gives you the benefits of control over your energy usage and your home environment. But it also provides more with:

How do you automate my home?

Essentially, your household equipment is connected to an internal encrypted Wireless network that lets you control exactly what’s happening in your home from anywhere in the world, remotely, securely and in real time.

Once installed, you can identify how much, when and where these resources are consumed.

It then allows you to take action, and make changes, to reduce energy use and save money based on your unique lifestyle. For instance, you may wish to limit how many hours a day your TV is used or run your dishwasher using off-peak power only.

With an integrated system designed for environmentally-friendly living, you can help the planet by automating your Eco Smart home to respond to various scenarios in the most energy-efficient manner.



What can be automated in my home?

Today, literally anything that connects to a power supply or has an on/off switch can be automated in your Eco Smart home system.



Old or new homes, it doesn’t matter

Gone are the days of cumbersome heavy-duty cabling to create a smart home. Now, older homes can benefit from a smart home thanks to Wireless connectivity and internet communications with the help of Z-Wave technology. You can easily take advantage of all the smarts of having a device like Alexa or Google home.

Smart Wireless-enabled modules can be installed between your favourite appliance and the mains power supply. Then a wireless signal connects your various appliances to a central control interface or hub.

This is all you need to add automation to your home.



Free e-book: Take Back Your Power

Let us step you through how to make your home eco-friendly and smart by being energy efficient and conscious.

We'll give you the 7 energy-saving, money-saving steps to create your smarter, greener and easier life.


Make your home smarter with:

  • Keyless entry
  • Security systems
  • Intercom systems
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Lighting control
  • Blind automation
  • Climate control automation
  • Audio visual integration
  • Voice activation
  • Facial recognition
  • GPS-based auto activation (geofencing) of appliances/access
  • Gutter and sprinkler automation
  • Hybrid inverters for solar energy and battery management

Get in touch to learn more about an installation for your home

We can help you with everything from choosing between the smart home technology (eg. Amazon v Google) to choosing what and how you automate your home.

Book a consultation to learn more about how a home automation system can be tailored made to suit you and your family.

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